Tuesday, August 24, 2010

thoughts on marriage?

I think marriage is great for the right people. Let me elaborate: I'm a really cynical person when it comes to relationships, and especially marriage. The statistics speak for themselves: 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, and evolutionary psychology taught me most of them end within the first 5 years, and then even more within the first 10 years. However, I'm also a sentimentalist, and I've seen cases where people are married for years upon years and are still in love with each other - and I think that's awesome, and that those cases are a sign that marriage can truly work. Perhaps my opinion on marriage then is that it should be more respected than it is: recognized for the importance it was originally given, that you are bound to it and this person for life (and that that should be taken seriously rather than lightly). Or maybe people need to grow more patience with each other and really work to solve their problems as the years come along. I couldn't really fairly say, as I've never technically been in a relationship.

Personally, I think if the situation were to arise for me, I'd prefer a civil union. I feel like it'd be more honest - that while true love remains through all the tough times and the changes, not all of us find our true love the first time around even if we think we do. I like the flexibility of it - and with this divorce rate the way it is, it almost seems like the more honest option. But I also think the right to get married should be open for anyone who wishes to get married, and that the fight against allowing gay marriage is ridiculous.

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