Monday, February 21, 2011

what is feminism?

Well, I would say, for starters - a good, basic article to read on what feminism is/is not, would be located here:

Aside from that, I'd say that feminism has a lot to do with the concepts of sensitivity, equality, and the openness to learn. There's a lot of systematic oppression that goes in our culture and unless we are the group being oppressed (sometimes even if we are the group being oppressed), we're not even necessarily aware of it. There's a lot of behavior in our culture that has become normalized that really ends up offending/limiting/marginalizing certain populations, and we have to learn to become sensitive, as feminists and individuals in general, to the possibility that we could be offending someone with even the smallest behavior. We need to increasingly challenge our biases and enhance our awareness by participating in what may be perceived as challenging, charged dialects around heterosexism, classism, sexism, racism, ableism, and etc. Essentially, feminism involves the capability to listen to, and attempt to absorb, the stories of the oppressed in an attempt to not only assist the oppressed and broaden our own deepened knowing, but also to help achieve equality, which is feminism's end goal.

I hope that makes sense?

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  1. Feminism is the greatest thing ever!

  2. Theres something I would like to say to the women who read this blog that I wanted to say to all women. There are people out there who want us to belive that we are victems when we were born woman; we are victims of possible sexual assult, we are victims of society, and we are victems becuse we are slaves to our emotions. They want us to think we are victims of materialism, our menstral cycles, our love of children, we are victems of phisical limitation and victims of our own dreams. In this state of mind men are conquering criminals and women are sentanced to suffer from it. But I say no WE ARE NOT VICTIMS BECUSE WE ARE BORN WOMEN. We are strong from our feminity we make our own path and even if they want us to believe that, we wont. We are empowerd by our selves and we wont let anything get in our ways. As much as there are people who want to believe and everyone else to belive that we are victims we are not. We are female and we are strong becuse of it. That is femnism to me. Even if this puritan nation functions under the assumption that women will suffer from their limitations, we refuse, becuse we are not victims of our gender, we are goddesses. I only hope that one day everyone else will understand that.