Saturday, September 4, 2010

"That's So Gay" is NOT okay

So. I just happened to be looking up season 1 of Glee on because I'm mildly obsessed with it lately, and would really like to purchase the whole season. For some reason, I perused the reviews - maybe because I say 50+ reviews for a product that hasn't even technically been released yet... and I found a review that caught my eye:

"Ok its time to get something off my chest.
WHAT is wrong with people these days???????????
If you like this show your:

A. a teenage girl
B. have horrible taste in telivision (not that theres anything worth watching anyway)
C. a high school muical fan

This show is sooooooo stupid, no lie. Who likes this? How ?
Yesss to those who say I haven't seen the show with my own two eyes, I have. Unfortunatly I wish I had the 30 mins of my life back. Braking out into a sing a long every other second over nothing hmmmmm is this a Disney movie ................. I think not at least those are entertaining. The characters are not likeable at all, its just so built for this sad young generation its not even funny. This generation has the worst taste in just about everything :


And Iam 24 its not like Iam to far behind this generation but its just so pathetic.
Horrible show I would not watch another episode if I was paid to.
ANYONE with half a brain will steer clear of this shamockry of a show!!!"

Aside from the ridiculous amount of grammar and spelling errors, the implication that this show was horrible and ergo could only be liked by certain demographics such as "GAY," made me livid. Because it implied that every demographic listed was horrible or not worthy of value, ergo worth putting down - ergo turning "Gay," yet again, into an insult. When it shouldn't be. Ever. In a sense, listing "teenage girl" in the same insulting matter is just as bad. But "Gay" hit a trigger in me. I have a huge handful of friends that are gay, and they are perfectly wonderful people - more wonderful than most people, I would say, if only because they have to learn to confront hostility with kindness and are frequently forced to justify their sexual preference, which should not ever have to be justified to begin with. Love is love, and placing restrictive gender norms on it is foolish. Hating a person for a part of him/herself that he/she is intrinsically born with, just because it may be different from the norm, is ridiculous. To put it lightly. And then to use that difference to describe other things you can't deal with/don't like is even worse. It's sheer ignorance.

I'm essentially incoherently angry right now, so this blog entry isn't a very educated or well-thought attempt and perhaps I should leave it for Wanda Sykes to explain, because I feel she does it quite well:

And just to further my point and be increasingly obnoxious to the reviewer who will likely never see this blog post, I will conclude with a clip from Glee that is very appropriate to this situation:

Haters gonna hate.

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